Friday, December 13, 2013

Blue Streak Missile - Woomera Alien Photograph

First, let me say "thank you" to the thousands of people who have read this blog, and to those who have commented, whether you agreed with me or not.  This post is a continuation of the Solway Firth Spaceman controversy, as many have attempted to tie this photo, taken a few days after the Solway Firth photo, to the Solway Firth Spaceman incident.  I was going to ignore this aspect of the controversy, unless someone brought it up in comments, so here we go.

What:  A photograph showing two figures on the pad of the Woomera Launch Facility, next to a British Blue Streak Missile.

Basics:  When the photo was taken is in question, but it is clearly the Blue Streak Missile, and has been confirmed as the Woomera Facility.

Myth:  The two figures in the photograph are more of the same aliens that showed up in the Solway Firth photograph.  It is held that these aliens on the launch pad caused the missile test to be aborted.  Some also believe that parts of one of the Blue Streak Missiles ended up in the Solway Aviation Museum due to the connection to the Solway Firth Spaceman.   There were also some supposed reports of "bright lights" in the sky before the launch, compounded with a lot of "UFO sightings" around Woomera during the time these missile tests were taking place.

Investigation:  First, let us look at the photo of the missile, that purportedly shows the "spacemen".

At first glance this just looks like two workmen.  While the person on the right is harder to distinguish, the one on the left appears to be a person walking towards the left of the photo.  Granted, this is not conclusive proof of this being humans, so let us continue by looking at the design of the rocket, and this particular launch.

The myth states that the launch was aborted due to these two men being on the pad.  It must be noted, however, that the rocket engine in the Blue Streak was the Rolls Royce RZ2 engine, which was an improvement on the Rocketdyne S3D engine.  The RZ2 was a kerosene/liquid oxygen turbo driven engine.  Due to icing problems the extremely cold liquid oxygen could not be loaded ahead of time.  While a system to maintain the full tanks for about ten hours was developed, this was the first test of the system.  This is important because there is no venting from the fuel system or tanks showing in this photo.  Liquid oxygen, upon transfer, always creates vapor that must be vented, during the fueling and as the oxygen warms in the tank.  Typically the oxygen was loaded just a few minutes before takeoff, meaning that this could be two workmen preparing to start the oxygen transfer, and they are wearing protective clothing.

While this is a possibility, it appears to me, as best the pixels will allow, that the man on the left is wearing a cap, not a face shield or hood.  So what else could be going on here?

In research there is one witness, named Jim (I cannot find the original reference, only "Jim" being referenced on pages naming him), who has stated that this photo was taken several days before the failed June 5, 1964 launch.  According to historical evidence that was eventually released by Great Britain, the first Blue Streak test was scheduled for June 2, 1964 but was aborted by the on-board systems due to a part failure, causing a safety issue.  The missile was launched on June 5, only to fail due to "uncontrollable oscillations during final phase of burn due to fuel sloshing in tanks".  This is a quite reasonable explanation given that these were some of the first ICBM experiments, and this was the first test of the Blue Streak.

We should also note that this was an auspicious occasion, even though much of the program was classified.  I do not doubt that some photos were taken of various things happening in this event.

Conclusion:  This photo was taken either early on June 2, as workers prepared to load the oxygen, after the automatic abort as workers attempted to find the problem, or early on June 5 as the missile was prepared for launch.  There is nothing in this photo to indicate anything other than workers on the pad.  Even the being on the left appears to be human in his shape and gait, while the one of the right is standing and looking.

As to the "corroborating evidence" of the bright lights and UFO activity, doesn't that sound like what would be seen around a missile test sight, back before missiles and high speed aircraft were normal?  Remember, we are talking 1964, worry about the Russians having space and air superiority, missiles and rockets being new to the public, and mostly empty skies.

I seriously doubt that this photo would ever have become a "spaceman" photo, if it had not been associated with the Solway Firth photo.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Such Simple Explanations...

While most of the articles I hope to publish on this site will be serious in nature, occasionally it is good to attempt a small amount of humor; please remember that this entire article is tongue-in-cheek, and not to be taken seriously!

Beginning in the 1950's the number of UFO sightings began to rise, along with the level of reported alien encounters.  While most of the alien encounters were only times of blanked out memories after seeing a bright light, there were some abductees who recalled part, or all, of their experience.  Most of these experiences involved physical examination and probing, with many reports of anal probing, that led some to believe that these alien races were bewildered by our internal plumbing and were trying to understand why humans needed a waste outlet; it was believed by many that the aliens did not produce waste as a byproduct of their digestive system, while others felt that the normal grouchy looks on the drawings of aliens was in fact bloating and constipation, and the probing a method of investigating a better solution for their respective races.  I beg to differ with both of these opinions, but more on that later.

In later years the sightings of UFO's have continued, but the number of abductions have dropped off considerably; I believe that this is due to the alien races getting the information that they needed on our systems, and specifically our waste products, and moving on with their plan.  I will reveal this plan shortly.

First, though, let us look at the number of legends that we humans devise: gods, demons, monsters, humans who convert to animals or otherworldly creatures, Sasquatch and Yeti, sea serpents, mermaids, and on and on ad nauseum.  We are quite imaginative; and yet, many of these legends have some basis of truth, no matter how distorted by time and the telling of the story.

Realizing that there can be some kernel of truth in the most outlandish stories, and that not all accounts of odd incidents can be completely discounted, what then is the truth of the UFO mystery, and especially the anal probing?  Taking the time to form a gestalt of all the lore that I have been able to read, I have arrived at some conclusions; while lacking in empirical evidence, I believe William of Ockham would find my explanation the simpler one for solving multiple mysteries.  So here we go...

While real evidence of alien visitation is sparse, we do live in a large galaxy, in a large universe, and so the possibility cannot be discounted.  We do note, however, that the aliens that have been reported on Earth do not seem to be interested in trade, world domination, or any of the activities that we would normally expect from tourists; they don't sample the local cuisine, buy hats, or haul off snow globes and seashell sculptures.  What then is their purpose?

Let us delve into the full explanation!  The "grays" and "greens" are not aliens, but alien constructs; they are the equivalent of our robots, but much advanced.  They are designed to be easily recognized by other races as such, with digits for particular functions, and their color indicates such things as rank, ability, etc.  They are sent to planets with a breathable atmosphere to determine the microorganisms within that environment, and what better place to find a biosphere than in a poop factory?

They report this information back to the real aliens, who consider the data, and decide if the planet is one where they can stop occasionally.  They must be sure that their visits will not release bacteria and viruses that will wipe out the native, pre-galactic travelling species, namely us.  In other words they must not break their Prime Directive of non-interference.  If the facts check out, the planet becomes listed as a space travel "Rest Stop" where the aliens can stop and take a dump, when needed!

And who are these aliens that show up occasionally just to "make a deposit"?  Think about it; the spaceships seen over cities are always high up; only way out in the country do they get really close to the ground.  And what species is spotted only in the deepest woods, only for a minute or two, and then cannot be found again?  If you guessed Sasquatch, you win the prize!  If you don't believe me, watch the Patterson video here and tell me that doesn't look like an alien that is trying to get behind some bushes, and hopes the camera man will not follow him!

So, the truth was out there...we are constantly being visited by Wookies who need to take a shit!


Monday, July 22, 2013

The Solway Firth Spaceman

What:  A photograph of a young girl, apparently showing a space suited figure, or something similar, in the background.

Basics:  The photograph was taken by Jim Templeton on 23 May, 1964.  Mr. Templeton took the photograph of his daughter at Burgh Marsh, close to Burgh by Sands, Carlisle in Cumbria, near the Solway Coast.  According to some accounts Templeton used a Kodak SLR camera with KodaColor X film; camera settings were quoted as f/16 and 1/100 of a second shutter speed; no information on the lens seems to be available, but a guess of 50 mm would probably be accurate; there is no mention of fill flash.  The photograph was developed by Kodak.

Myth:  When the photographs were returned to Mr. Templeton there appeared to be either a space suited figure, or an alien, standing behind his daughter; Mr. Templeton claimed not to have seen the figure when he took the photograph.  The photograph has been shown extensively by UFO and Alien Encounter believers as proof that the Burgh Marsh area has some "space-time displacement" that allows non-Earth beings to be captured on film, while not being visible to the human eye.

Investigation:  While much has been written about this particular incident, and we congratulate Burgh by Sands on capitalizing on this photograph, we choose to look at it as a skeptic.  As a skeptic the first question I would like to ask is "Why do so many people believe that a standard digital or film camera can capture images invisible to the human eye"?  With that said, let's move on to the photographs:
The Solway Firth Spaceman Photo
Photo with Mother in frame
The second photo is much more interesting to me; due to the direction of the sun, the shadow to the girl's right (your left) cannot be from the father; his shadow would be behind him, and out of frame to the bottom-right.  The shadow could be from a fourth person, their vehicle, or some other unknown object; there is nothing to prove that this is the shadow of something they could not see.

Now, moving on to the photos that I have marked up:
First, let us compare the area marked #1; this shows the collar of the sundress in the photo of the mother, along with her hair hanging forward of her shoulders.  At #2 we have the sleeve of the sun dress.  Also notice the gathered waist of the dress while she is kneeling.  All of these findings exist in the top photo of the "spaceman".  Notice also that the dress is a very light blue, that will wash out to white in the bright light.

Additionally, at "A" we see that the sun is from the girl's right and slightly forward, making her hair on the left side and back of her head very dark; this light and shadow carries through on the "Spaceman".  At "B" we see that the ground is blurry at any distance behind the girl, due to the depth of field (7.23' to 16.2' with given parameters), which places the "Spaceman" figure more than 16 feet behind the girl.

Some have tried to claim that the "Spaceman" is white due to heat, cold, or radiation.  This is not infra-red film; if a person was showing white hot on color film they would be setting fires around them; as to being covered in ice, they would not be standing there like that, and the white would be more uniform.  For those who want to claim the "Spaceman" only shows up due to being radioactive, well, that much glowing would not be limited to the body, but would wash out the entire roll of film!

Conclusion:  This is most likely the mother standing behind the girl after moving around a bit.  She is standing with her back to the camera, and is out of focus due to the depth of field.  She is illuminated by the sun, as seen from the shadowing on her right arm and head.  The dress is gathered at the waist making the outfit seem really tight, while the bright sun has washed out all of the mother to a mostly uniform white, due to the camera settings.

Alternately, if the extra shadow in the kneeling mother photo is another person, then this may be who has wandered behind the girl.  As to Mr. Templeton not seeing the "Spaceman" when he took the shot, I have no doubt; as an amateur photographer I have taken many photos where I was so focused on the subject that I failed to notice other items in the frame until the photos were returned.

I believe this is no more that a shallow depth of field camera setting with a washed out individual in the background!